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HM: outfit by TractIss
HM: outfit
I blame :iconzwei-tan: for this- she showed me a picture of an outfit that would look good on Liz at the beginning of the week and I agreed- with some alterations. I am not happy with some things but very happy with others- colours are okay though.
Liz is mine.
Liz app by TractIss
Liz app

Bullet; Purple Basic Information

Name: Elizabeth Gwendoyln Wynn
Species: Human/Witch
Gender: Female
Age: 24
DOB: 23rd Ocrober
Height: 162cm/5'4''
Attribute: Energy
Tower:  Light Tower
Notable features: Messy briwn hair, scars on back and left thigh, wears glassed when reading.

Bullet; Purple Personal Background

-Salty foods. Shortbread, one of the few sweet things she is particularly fond of. 
-Coconut ice-cream. No cream or sprinkles... chocolate syrup if she is feeling kinda low. 
-She loves lamb and can make a good stew if she has chance, at least that is what Irina tells her. 
-Reading, she's not really fond of fairy tales you'd more likely find her reading from the Non-fiction section. 
    As much as she enjoys reading she rarely finds it very interesting, usually taking any opportunity to do something else, even talking to a stranger who happens to pass by. 
-Teasing people if she thinks she can get away with it. She will also taunt people if she believes that it will be taken well. 
    She tends to grow fond of people who give it back but gets rather touchy one some topics. 
-Likes comfortable, ideally warm clothing.
-Long naps on high shelves. Being able to turn herself into a cat is very handy for this.
-Most sweet foods. 
    She is incredibly picky when it comes to sweet foods. 
-When something, anything backfires on her. 
    She struggles to cope with cleaning up her own mess and usually tends to only make half hearted attempts before making an excuse to leave. 
-Anyone knowing how ticklish she is and where. 
-Being called 'Lizzy' Liz it fine but 'Betty' is just plain annoying. 
-Having anything done to her that would be done, or makes her feel like a child. 
    Though she won't admit it she can be very childish, anyone who manages to get her relaxed and acting 'child-like' she will either say it's their fault if it was throwing a tantrum or she was just being playful if she just starts goofing off. 
-She hates and fears Anna.
-Welsh jokes, bestiality jokes or comments in general.
 -Knives or anything sharp and pointy pointed at her.  She has little problem with handling them but is reluctant to if it is not for food preparation. 
-Anything she had kept quiet getting out, particularly if she thinks it will effect her relationships. 
    This fits in well with those things backfiring on her that she doesn't know how to clean up, though with secrets, retreat tends to be her first reaction.
-That Anna and the possibility she will ever gain majority or complete control over Irina's life... because her life would probably end soon after.

Goals: Hiems seemed an 'out of the way' place that she would be able to improve her own magical ability. She finds herself drawn towards Wards, as on occasion she becomes rather paranoid Ward spells seem, to her, a logical point of study. Lately baring a few things she has made little improvement and is still prone to messing a few things up. She can concomitantly turn herself into a cat and back but this may be because she was more motivated when learning it she thinks. She presently asked Allison for lessons.
Personality:She is curious though cautious, sometimes too much. If something catches her attention she won't soon leave it alone even if she thinks it's better to leave it. She will still try to satisfy her interest from a safe distance. Safe distance being relative to what she is curious about. She does tend to have a short attention span though, if something fails to keep her attention for more then ten minutes she is probably going to find some way to change the subject.    She has a tendency to become paranoid in some situations and under stress.

If she like someone or feels she could get away with it, for what ever reason she will probably tease them or encourage 'dangerous' or reckless behaviour. She finds the reactions she gets and the possible outcomes to often be quite fun.  She can speak Welsh though it is usually reserved for people she outright dislikes (hates) or moments of great irritation. It's also handy to confuse people and end a conversation she doesn't want to have. People tend to get frustrated when she refuses to speak English but as a means to and end it is worth it so far as she is concerned. 

Mentioning anything negative about her relationship with Irina tends to irritate her. Using the terms necrophilia or paedophilia will make it likely she will hit you... odds of this happening increase if you've been teasing or taunting her about her relationship for a good length of time, she considers both terms offensive to not only her but Irina and also thinks them inaccurate. She will likely state; Irina is very much alive and whether of not she died before is irrelevant. That Irina is actually older then her (approximately 6 weeks between them) and looking younger would not change the fact she is both over the age of consent and the older of the couple.    She is strongly opposed to hitting children... but flicking them for a small 'tap' on the back of the head is not out of the question.

She does have a childish streak and get a bit bratty when called on it and of course firmly deny she is remotely childish. She is stubborn, not to the point of throwing a tantrum but takes a lot of wearing down to get to admit anything she doesn't want to. She, though seeming underwhelmed does like cute things and is very likely to be seen smiling when petting them... provided they don't bite her. She is very much avoidant when it comes to her own or other people's problems. She will sooner pretend something never happened or is unimportant then confront the issue.     

Rather firmly believes that if someone can run away from anything,  having no reason to stick around they probably will not intend on coming back. She has found this true through first hand experience. (She never came back. Her first room-mate never came back)    Very unlikely to turn her back on anyone unless she is more then 10 meters away from them. It's nothing at all personal she is just rather paranoid then it comes to that. Typically has a blank of vacant expression. She's not stupid she just prefers to appear the fool (wilfully ignorant) Or she just plain wasn't listening and was off thinking about one thing or another completely unrelated to what ever she was supposed to be listening to. 

When feeling intimidated or cornered she tends to try and back away, she goes quiet and is immediately looking for the quickest way out of danger. She has only ever hidden behind another once and she hated that she put them in an uncomfortable position, she is not likely to do that again. She now finds it ironic that others have hidden behind her on several occasions when she is probably not the best option for a meat shield.

History: She grew up in a small town in north Wales, with her father and younger sister. When she was nine years old she saw a man doing magic and became fascinated with it, viewing it a sort of art. She’d previously had no encounter with it and at first didn't quite understand what it was she saw so it was a few days before she actually tried it for herself. Over the next few years she studied it picking up things where she could, though like many things children become drawn to her dedication all but stopped before she could really develop it and it became more of a side hobby
Using what she did know she sort entertainment in her 'dull' home town by messing with the locals, her new favourite thing to do at the time. When she was seventeen she left the town but she won't really say why to near enough anyone. Since then she spent two years travelling, using what magic she knows to earn enough money to move on to the next town, she didn't really stay in one place too long liking to keep moving. She knew that what she was doing was really just surviving and wanting to better for herself thought it better to hold out somewhere until she felt she could.

(This is from her understanding of events and what she knows or what she is open about. Things will be added or clarified in event that she either shares more with someone or she has been prompted.)

Bullet; Purple Abilities


Primary Attribute:
Secondary Attribute: Mind
Tertiary Attribute: Dexterity
Inferior Attribute: Strengh

- Can shape shift into a cat
- Creating seal to keep things from bing opened
- Putting up barriers
- Basic healing
- Basic first aid
- Climbing
- Knitting
- Cooking
- Basic self defence
- High pain freshhold 
- Running
- Physical confrontaion
- Ticklish
- Frequently and stubbornly tries to do things on her own first, she wont easily ask for help when she needs it.
- Rash when angry, she will lash out at someone regardless of who they are even if she knows it is a horrible mistake to.
- Looses most if not all conficence when faced with something that scares her

Bullet; PurpleRelationships: 

She kinda likes the witch, she is usually pretty pleasant and ... err very sweet. However when ever she want to do something she becomes ... insistent. She finds her rather intimidating and tend to avoid anything that may lead to her offering to do ... well anything, This does not work. Just agree and hope she doesn't get any more ideas.

She is her best-friend and girl-friend. She feels can probably tell her anything and get an honest response. She has told her more then most. She feels a great deal of trust and respect towards her and knows Irina feels the same. She tends to tease Irina a lot but the red-head does well to give it back. One or two occasions teasings have become sort of sparing matches, the winner being the one that still has something to say. Resent events have proved to her she may be overly attached to Irina, she is willing to do contemptible things to protect her.

Razori's brother seems the more ... friendly of the pair... or just the fairer tempered. She does like the male, she just feels a little anxious around him.

Big Bro' Considers him to be pretty reliable and an okay guy with a bit of a sugar issue and tooth obsession. She thinks of him as more like a friend but is happy to go along with the 'big bro' 'lil bro' thing, provided he doesn't do anything stupid, dangerous or plain annoying, not like it hurts anyone otherwise.

Giant bug lady... Well that's new. She seems nice enough, doesn't know her well enough to call her friend though.

Terrible at first impressions but he seems to be a good guy. He seriously needs to stop frowning before his face fixes like that. Still, pretty okay to talk to, would be willing to consider him a friend. Seriously though, try smiling a little more, suits him well with his 'sinister, Austin Powers villain' look, the teeth complete it.

(If I've missed someone please tell me)

Bullet; Purple Roleplay Information

Chatroom Availability: I'm usually on chat when available just tab or whatever.

IM Availability: Skype: 'IssDellow' Notes and comments are fine as well. Let me know who you are or I wont accept you though.

Roleplay Preferences: 

Romance/Pairing: With Irina Teplova only. In a relationship with her currently.

Gore/Torture: She is not the sadistic type/I am picky who does this to her though it may happen.

Casual: Yes.

Fighting: Never actually been in a fight before... may be interesting.

Emotional/Drama: Depends on who with.

Adventure: Yes.

One on One: Yes.

Group RPs: Only up to 5 people and with order or I'll get lost.

Alternate Universe: Depends on what au.

Roleplay Sample: 

Elizabeth: Ah... no. Not that. If I wanted to wear one I'd be wearing one. I'm just... not comfortable in one. *She sighed and gave him a small smile.* Besides, I wouldn't want my big bro to choke. As he finishes shovelling his food down she casually drops a small empty vial on the counter between them and continues eating.* It better be or you aren't going to know what was in that dressing. Hmm?

I will also do para rps, i just couldn't find a good example to use.

Other Information
Betty -
 Liz's Mirror is a noisy brat.
In a relationship with Irina Teplova
Reads with glasses
Usually carries a note book

HM: outfit by TractIss
Liz dump by TractIss
Liz dump
Some old stuff I found plus a couple ideas i was having for new outfit... also genderbent liz in hears boxers.
Think the one in the middle is either a pirate or a poor attempt at being cool
and poor attempt at hair up- not gonna try that again, may just give her a hair cut


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